Avilion Mist – Jewelry by Malakh Giles

Over time Malakh Giles has created some of the most breathtaking and exquisite jewelry ever to grace avatars within Second life. His craftmanship is to be admired, with it’s careful precision and sumptuous textures, jewelry by him, available at the Avilion Mist store, is worth every Linden.

Majestic in Gold and Sapphire by Malakh Giles

Pictured above is the Majestic set in gold and sapphire. Click on the images to zoom in, though in order to be fully appreciated they must be seen in-world. An absolutely gorgeous set available in 10 total versions, the pieces can also be bought separately (necklace, earrings, and tiara).

Majestic and Sojourner by Malakh Giles

Here’s the Majestic tiara in Silver and Diamond. The necklace and earrings are the Sojourner collection, a more recent release. The Sojourner earrings and necklace, with their intricate twirling delicacy and beauty, are sold separately (earrings, and necklace). They’re available in a gold and a silver version, both being scripted so you can easily with a click get a pop-up menu to choose between 8 different gemstones.

Twilight and Inspiration by Malakh Giles

Above is the Twilight Collection circlet, and the Inspiration necklace, both in Silver. The Inspiration collection is the newest jewelry release from Avilion Mist, showcasing yet again incredible, flawless detail and precision. Also available are earrings from the Twilight collection, and rings from the Inspiration collection. As is now custom with Avilion Mist jewelry, these are available in a silver and a gold version, and both are scripted for gem change, and you can toggle brightness on and off. Again, to be fully appreciated, they must all be seen in world.


The Inspiration Collection now also features earrings. Check out these little beauties pictured below:

Inspiration Collection Earring

They are scripted for gem change and bright on/off like the rest of the set.

If you’re looking for that spectacular piece of jewelry to finish your ensemble and to make you feel like a princess, Avilion Mist jewelry has everything you need to step into a wonderful fairytale.

Credits after the cut.

Top Picture:

  • Jewelry: Majestic Set in Gold and Sapphire from Avilion Mist
  • G own: Celestial Empress in Ivory from Kouse’s Sanctum
  • Skin: -N-Zoe Light G4 from Naughty
  • Eyes:Ooleel Lightseyes in Ocean
  • Hair: Phoebe in Black from ETD

Second Picture:

  • Jewelry: Tiara is Majestic – Silver – Diamond from Avilion Mist, necklace and earring are from the Sojourner collection in Silver, shown gem is Glacier.
  • Gown: Celestial Empress in Ivory from Kouse’s Sanctum
  • Skin: -N-Zoe Light G4 by Naughty
  • Eyes: Ooleel Lightseyes in Ocean
  • Hair: Phoebe in Black from ETD

Third Picture:

  • Jewelry: Circlet is from the Twilight Collection, necklace is from the Inspiration Collection, both are from Avilion Mist.
  • Gown: Celestial Empress in Ivory from Kouse’s Sanctum
  • Skin: -N-Zoe Light G4 by Naughty
  • Eyes: Ooleel Lightseyes in Ocean
  • Hair: Emily in Midnight from Calico Ingmann Creations

~ by Arwen on February 12, 2008.

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