February’s Group Freebie from Kouse’s Sanctum

Lady Serenity - Red Rose - February Freebie from Kouse's Sanctum

Last night miss Kouse Singh gave her February freebie to the members of the Kouse’s Sanctum update group. The gown pictured above is it, Lady Serenity, recoloured to a vibrant, stunning shade of red. Just perfect for Valentine’s or that romantic night any time of year, this is special version of a popular classic. It’s rumored that ‘Lady Serenity’ is to be released in Kouse’s Sanctum with even more vivid hues like this in the future. So if the muted tones of the previous release didn’t strike your fashion fancy, keep your eyes peeled.

The original release of the Lady Serenity gowns had them as no copy/no mod/ yes trans.
This has changed. While you can still buy them with that permission set on SLX, at the main store in Garindan, the perms are now yes copy/yes mod/no trans, as is just about everything else. This is also the case for the February group freebie, ‘Rose Red’, it’s copy/mod/no trans. The prims have had light adjustment from the previous release, as well, making them have a better fit for smaller AVs, and thanks to the perm set, you can tinker to your hearts desire, and tint, as well.

~ by Arwen on February 14, 2008.

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