Mystic Jewelry Collection by Malakh Giles

Avilion Mist - Mystic - Jewelry Set

As promised here’s the post on the new Mystic set by Malakh Giles of Avilion Mist, which perfectly accompanies not just the Mystic gown set by Serenity Sieyes, but just about any other ensemble imaginable. Available in silver (pictured), gold, and onyx (darker more of an antiqued silver), are earrings, 2 versions of necklace (one without the chain loops that are pictured) and circlet. These pieces are all masterfully crafted, and of course they include the wonderful option of scripted gem change via dialog menu.

These delicate pieces incorporate the Triquetra in a way which is both contemporary and classy, making for a set that can as easily match a Medieval garb as it could a modern t-shirt and jeans (if one desired). The precision of each prim in these full prim pieces is astoundingly perfect. One would be hard pressed to find any fault with these pieces, as is the case for all of Malakh Giles’ work. Well worth every Linden to have such treasures in one’s jewelry box.

Credits after the cut.

Jewelry: Mystic Collection in Silver from Avilion Mist (pieces sold separately)

Hair: Fran in Midnight from Calico Creations

Skin: -N-Zoe Light G4 from Naughty

Eyes: Ooleel Lightseyes in Ocean

~ by Arwen on March 8, 2008.

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