Luck of the Irish…

ETD St Patricks Day Hunt

Just going to run over a few St. Patty’s Day themed headlines before heading into today’s gown review.

There’s a Saint Patty’s Day hunt going on at EDT Isle, make your way there if you can (the sim is almost always capped during these things) and snatch up your free goodies!

Avilion Mist has a gorgeous Shamrock set complete with gem change scripting for the discriminating jewelry buyer. Head on over to their main store to take advantage of the special sale price.

This morning Alienbear Gupte announced the third of the sumptuous weekly St Patty’s Day themed jewelry freebies for the Alienbear & LeCameo Lovers group.

Kouse’s Sanctum announced a 100L Sale on selected green gowns, which will carry on until Midnight SLT on the 17th. The sale prices can only be found at the main store. Gowns on for this fabulous price include Anastasia, Lady LeShelle (two shades of Lady LeShelle!), Lady Serenity, Crystal, Lady of Shallot, Eilistraee, and Celestial Empress.

And now on to today’s review!

Kouse's Sanctum - Lady LeShelle

Following the mention of the 100L sale at Kouse’s Sanctum, allow me to show you the newest release, two shades of which are 100L until Monday the 17th. Lady LeShelle is a Druid friendly Medieval styled gown, complete and resplendent with full prim belts. Both silver and gold versions of the cute belt are included with each gown, as well as another option for customization, translucent and opaque skirts.

In the image above I’m wearing the Lady LeShelle gown in ‘Earth’ a total of 15 shades are available. The two which are discounted for the St. Patrick’s Day sale are named ‘Tender Shoot’ and ‘Forest’. I’m also wearing the Shamrock jewelry from Avilion Mist I mentioned earleir in this post.

All of the things in this post are things I adore, and I’m sure any fan of green can appreciate them too. That’s all for today, happy shopping!

~ by Arwen on March 14, 2008.

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