Relay for Life Goods Abound

Again this year a vast congregation of designers from the grid have been working tirelessly to bring all fashionistas wonderful items, with all the proceeds going to a wonderful cause, Relay for Life (RFL). It’s not difficult to see stores which have items in the distinctive RFL vendors, and the Clothing Fair, held this year on 4 sims, is spectacular, I highly recommend a visit and a splurge!

The sims, all Rezzable sims in season themes, With such well known names as Avilion Mist, Nicky Ree, Evie’s Closet, Solange, and about 80 more, it’s got a lot to please every taste.

But not all designers with items for RFL are at the clothing fair, so keep your eyes peeled for your favourite designers to announce their items or peek at their shops again, you may find pleasant surprises.

Avilion Mist has made 4 special recolors of their most popular items for this years Relay. The Enchantress gown, the male outfit Nemesis, the Vindicator cloak, and the Mystic gown set have all been coloured in Relay purple for this event. You can find these special recolours at the clothing fair (the Winter sim) or in their main store. Check out Avilion Mist’s Relay section, there are offerings from other members of The Quest for a Cure team as well!

Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet has created a special gown release for the Relay Clothing Fair. The Aurora gowns are available in her stall on the Spring sim in 5 rich jewel tones.

Evie's Closet - Aurora - Cobweb

Above is Aurora in Cobweb (blue). Evie’s offerings that benefit the Relay are a special Lilac recolor of her Love Story gown, and the Devotion gown in Blaze (Red). According to Evie, when the fair is over, this recolor will dissapear forever, so if you wanted it in red, go grab it and benefit a good cause at the same time.

Evie's Closet - Devotion Blaze

Evie's Closet - Love Story Gown - RFL

While Kouse’s Ssnctum is not in this years fair, Kouse is still offering gowns for Relay. In her main store are 6 shades of Almarea. These are 12 peice sets, which include the lovely necklaces and veils and everything to help you explore your Gypsy side. The pictured version is ‘Deep Sea’. It’s also available in black ‘Onyx’ and 4 brighter shades, Amethyst, Fuschia, Sapphire and Ocean.

Kouse's Sanctum - Almarea - Deep Sea

Kouse also recolored her Lady Serenity gown and Celestial Empress gown for Relay, in Relay purple. These two gowns are at a special price of only 200L each.


~ by Arwen on March 22, 2008.

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