Luck be a Lady…

Avilion Mist - Lady Luck

So St. Patrick’s day has passed, but your desire to be fashionable and still wear lots of green has no where near diminished. What to do? I think I have a perfect solution.

For those who want the spirit of St. Patrick’s day to carry on through the year here is the perfect ensemble. Lady Luck from Avilion Mist, created by Serenity Sieyes, is adorned with lovely shamrocks in the fabric, and is sure to make you indeed a Lady of Luck.

Coming with the usual gorgeous prim headpieces (one with viel, one without), that tickle the floor, as well as prim arms that flow to the ground, you also have the option of wearing cute prim puffy sleeves, which are sculpted, as well. It comes with three skirts, one ball gown skirt, one slimmer skirt, and a tea length skirt.

As you can see, I am wearing the included goves in the above image. Who doesn’t love gloves? And as always this set comes with one of the famous Avilion Mist capes!

Credits after the cut.

Gown: Lady Luck from Avilion Mist

Hair: Antoinette in Deep Black from Curl up and Dye Salon

Jewelry: Elentari in Midnight Kiss (Kouse’s Sanctum Group Gift)

Skin: -N-Zoe Light G4 from Naughty

Eyes: Ooleel’s Lightseyes in Ocean

~ by Arwen on March 23, 2008.

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