I’m Back…

It’s been sIt’s been some time since my last post in here and I sincerely apologize for that fact. The good news is that there’s a barrage of goodies to blog about (though it will take me time to get through them) I do hope you’ll bear with me readers and enjoy the goodness.

Unfortunately, Evangeline Miles of Evie’s closet is on hiatus. I look forward to her glorious releases so much that this saddens me, however I’m certain she’ll return at full steam soon so help beautify our Second LivesÔ.

There was a contest recently at Kouse’s Sanctum in which participants were to submit images of models wearing merchandise from the Sanctum. The first place winner of this was Adaire DeCuir, and I understand that the gown to be named after her will be released soon.

Also at Kouse’s Sanctum, are several new releases and events. Kouse Singh has taken to offering her customers buy one get one free offers on the first day of her new releases. This is considerate, considering how with most economic states, every dollar, and therefore every LindenÔ is more and more precious. There is a scavenger hunt taking place at the Avilion Vale location of Kouse’s Sanctum. It will end Monday May 19th. In this hunt are 18 unique boxes to collect, each containing in item of jewellery. Upon completion of the hunt, hunters have the complete Lucid jewellery set (with diamond) in silver, gold, and bronze.

For a limited time as well, one can obtain the popular Ksunamun gown in a special electric blue dubbed “Vale Blue” at the Avilion Vale location. To receive it you must wear the Kouse’s Sanctum group tag and pay the vendor 1L.

Kouse's Sanctum - Ksunamun - Vale Blue

I will go further into some of the releases in another post.

I encourage you all to visit the new Avilion Vale sim. It’s chalk full of wonderful shops catering to a Medieval and fantasy market. May 17th-18th will be the official opening, and several events will be taking place, as well as special offers and events hosted by the shop owners. Already published, There And Back Again is having a 50L sale on all items in their store, as well as offering a pair of freebie earrings. MC jewellery has a few crates set up containing free jewellery as well. A sim wide scavenger hunt will commence on the 17th, hosted by Juniper Darrow. This scavenger hunt will be different from the Kouse’s Sanctum’s lost treasures hunt, which is contained within that store. Meaning two scavenger hunts full of goodies for those who enjoy hunting. All kinds of things will be going on, I cannot possibly list them all here. Happy shopping and hunting!

Credits after the cut.

Gown: Ksunamun in Vale Blue from Kouse’s Sanctum
Eyes: Mirror Violet from Celestial Studios
Skin: Breezy Suntan Wild 2 from Breezy
Hair: Sirena Juliette in Black
Circlet: Luna (1L Vale Opening Special) from Kouse’s Sanctum

~ by Arwen on May 16, 2008.

One Response to “I’m Back…”

  1. I am so happy to see you back! :o)

    Have you looked at the gowns from DeFleur Designs? She has gorgeous gowns from Elizabethan times to modern times.

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