Swan Lake Dream

Just a quick little post for now, more to come later dolls.

Nicky Ree - Swan Lake Dream - Champagne

One of the most talented artists within SL that designs clothing is Nicky Ree. Let’s take a gander at the Swan Lake Dream gowns, which include Stocking (in two parts), 5 different skirts, glitch pants, panties, top, multiple prim arm styles, and system skirt. A feather hair attachment is even included.
These gowns are opulence manifested in prims and system layers. The rich, hand drawn textures are dazzling, the details so intricate that it would be impossible for them not to draw the eye. The skirts on this gown employ layers of feathers, creating a deep, tiered look that is promoted by the fabulous textures. This set is available in a number of colours, the one being featured in the image is Champagne.
The bodice appears to be encrusted with gems and other sparkly goodies, the fabric itself created with such a lavish sheen it’s pure luxury.

The hair is from Kouse’s Sanctum, it’s the Cherie style. Jewelry (earrings) are from Avilion Mist, the Awen Collection in Silver. Skin is -N-Zoe from Naughty, and the eyes are from Celestial Studios’ Mirror series.


~ by Arwen on June 15, 2008.

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