Avilion Mist’s Magic – in Armour!

Ranger Armour From Avilion Mist

Once again beauties, it is time to delve into the world of magic, and fantasy, and to discover something fabulous from Avilion Mist.
This is the Female Ranger Armour, one of the unique armour types that can be found at Avilion Mist. Also available are dragon armour, Dame (knight) armour, and Drow (Lolth) armour. All of them have been created by the ever talented Serenity Sieyes and Malakh Giles.
This particular set includes system layer clothing, prim clothing, including sculpted amour pieces. Chain undershirt, corselet, chain pants, cloth pants, thong, and shoes are on the system layer. Prim and sculpted pieces include skirt, upper arm pieces, thigh guards, shoulder armour, bracers, cloak, and chest piece. The total number of the pieces in this set is nineteen. As a note, the system layers are no mod, no transfer, and the prim pieces are no transfer, mod abilities are granted so that you may fiddle with the fitting of these pieces as you wish.
The textures on these sets are all fabulous, but I prefer the Ranger set (though I do adore them all). The silver leaves on the ranger set compliment the other colours beautifully, offsetting the other tones and creating a look that is flawless and captivating, drawing the eye in every which direction. This is an outfit that speaks of detail and care in every way, well worth the Lindensä.

Credits after the cut.

Outfit: Female Armour – Ranger from Avilion Mist

Hair: Cherie in black from Kouse’s Sanctum

Skin: Breezy’s Wild skin

Eyes: Celestial Studios Mirror green


Link to this product on SLX: http://slexchange.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=632453

~ by Arwen on June 16, 2008.

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