The Regal Peacock Royale

DeFleur Fashions - Peacock Royale

A comment was left by a sweet reader of this blog suggesting I take a look at DeFleur Fashions. I did, and was impressed I must say with the creative and interesting gowns there. The shop, owned and operated by Natalia Basiat, is a veritable treasure trove of Medieval/Elizabethan/Fantasy items. Her use of textures is unique as can be seen in the above image. The gown I will discuss in this post is called ‘Peacock Royale’, a number that caught my eye right away.
It includes a total of 14 pieces, one of which is a curtsey animation, which comes in handy for those role players out there. The clothing items entail two types of partlet, glitch pants, top, slim prim skirt, full prim skirt, skirt with train, jewelled hair veil, golden belt in two versions (high sitting and low sitting), jewelled arm bands, and a jewelled collar.
The jewelled collar on this gown is one of the unique things about it that I really admire. Also, the set is transfer and modify enabled, making for easy gift giving. The veil is truly a delicately crafted crown with the flex prims added giving it that veil look. The array of colours blended into this gown are inventive and eye catching, not exactly your ordinary frock. I like the partlet idea, there are two of them, and they are optional, so you can choose which colour you prefer, or not wear one at all. For the more modest gown wearers out there this is a lovely option to have.
Natalia also has an entire selection of gowns at the back of her main store which are free. Do a search for ’DeFleur Fashions’ and take a look for yourself.

~ by Arwen on June 17, 2008.

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