Poinsettia, Another of Simone’s Charms

Simone - Poinsettia - Black

Every once in a while I get the unshakable urge to dig into my closet for older, but very fabulous, things. This morning that thing was Simone’s Casual Ensemble Black – Poinsettia. Boasting beautiful hand drawn textures and prim work that seems to just float, it’s a gorgeous outfit any way it’s worn, and yes indeed there are multiple ways.
Included pieces are two varieties of top (long and short), two skirt types (long and short), panties, gloves, short flexi skirt, and long flexi skirt. Noticeable is the absence of glitch pants. Also, all the pieces are no transfer, however are mod and copy enabled, meaning tintability (admire).
I adore the short skirt, I think it’s emphatically magnificent with it’s bias cut. When worn in conjunction with the short skirt and top, it offers a very fae like look. The long ball gown is charming as well, though if I were to change one thing about it, it would be the arrangement of the prims just slightly, as one’s posterior does seem to protrude through the many folds of fabric.

I still adore this gown however, it is one of my favourites. Simone Stern, owner and operator of Simone! is one with remarkable talent, and it shone through in this item, which I acquired some time last year if I recall correctly.

As a footnote, the skin in the image is from Naughty, the hair is Cherie from Kouse’s Sanctum, eyes are Mirror Series (Green) from Celestial Studios.

Join me again soon dear readers, for another brief dig into the opulent and luxurious fashion offered by the designers within SL™.

~ by Arwen on June 18, 2008.

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