Un Fleur Pour Mon Ceour

Nicky Ree - Le Fleur - Steel1

Good morning dear readers, and welcome to yet another Tres Belle post. And ahh…Nicky Ree has stolen my heart yet again. For this post I’ve selected one of Nicky Ree’s newer releases, the Le Fleur Baroque gown.

The set includes two version of top, glitch pants, system skirt, scripted petticoat, scripted prim sleeves, scripted skirt, shorter scripted skirt with bustles, and longer scripted skirt with bustles. The scripts are for resizing, and smart skirt sitting.

Out of the available colours of this gown, the Steel blue (dubbed ‘Steel’) caught my eye most. So then naturally I scooped up my copy and then rushed off to take pictures! My hat is off to Nicky Ree. She continues to improve and create such marvellous goodies for us, I admire her talent and perseverance greatly.

The bustled skirts on the Le Fleur sets are amazing, this is the best use of sculpted prims I have yet seen as far as skirts are concerned. Nicky Ree creates a new level of realism and fantasy with the development of these skirts. The resizing/skirt sit scripts are just a bonus, making this set a must have, even for those of us who aren’t typically the Baroque gown wearing type. The gown, as are all Nicky Ree items, is no transfer.

Nicky Ree - Le Fleur - Steel2

The textures in this set are just amazing. As you all know, Nicky Ree’s textures are hand drawn, and this set is another example of her gifts with illustration. The shading, details and contours of these textures are fetching, I spent many moments admiring the gown from every angle. I am in love with this gown, and I must say it is well worth every Linden.

Of course I couldn’t walk into Nicky Ree’s and only buy one gown, so there will be more in the future. That’s all for this post, happy shopping dears and come back to visit this blog soon.

~ by Arwen on June 19, 2008.

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