More Ren Dresses and Fantasy Jewellery From Avilion Mist

Dearest reader, I come to you today with what will be a lengthy and picture intensive article. My hope is to do at least a little justice to the marvels that have recently come out of Avilion Mist, both the exquisite Ren Dresses (more versions have been added since my original post here), and a new and extraordinarily unique collection of jewellery. The gowns were created by the wonderful Serenity Sieyes, and the jewellery by one of Second Life’s best jewellers, Malakh Giles.

I have been known to be fastidious in my selection of clothing and jewels. On the other hand I can be completely flamboyant, I know. One thing is for certain however. Items from Avilion Mist, from old to new, are items that will please the tastes of everyone (who has taste of course).

Ren Dresses1 Avilion Mist

Let’s begin with the Ren Dresses. Serenity Sieyes of Avilion Mist has created a set up that allows buyers to mix and match pieces of these outfits, and to only need to buy what they want, be it one style of bodice, a skirt, skirt and bodice combo, or an entire outfit, the combinations are virtually endless, with a vast array of sumptuously detailed textures. The images here only show a small sampling of what’s available. I recommend seeing the full sized images, just click on anyone of them and you can examine the details I was able to capture via my Flickr. I stress that the only way to fully appreciate these outfits is to buy them for yourself, and try them on! Endless care and precision made for outfits that can only be appreciated when one has viewed them from all angles, in-world.

Ren Dresses2 Avilion Mist

I adore all of the Ren dresses, if I had to pick a favourite, and believe me, I’m hard pressed to do so, I would have to say the white lace as pictured here. Again, it’s the minutiae of the textures and the fine skill with which the prim pieces were created that work together to create a masterwork.

Ren Dresses3 Avilion Mist

There is a special edition of the Ren Dress available at the Avilion Mist Fortress and in the Avilion Vale location (in the marketplace), which includes many pieces. Only 250 units of this one are to be sold, so when it’s gone it’s gone (read: hurry and snag your copy!).

Ren Dresses4 Avilion Mist

The special edition of the Ren Dress, dubbed Avilion Mist ~ Ren Dress LE (Limited Edition), includes the following pieces: A gathered top on the undershirt layer, simple top on the undershirt layer, simple top with trim on the undershirt layer, top shirt arms on the top layer, simple top on the top layer, top with simple trim on the top layer, gathered top on the top layer, system skirt, glitch pants, three styles of bodice on the jacket layer, matching aura capelette, prim headpiece, prim headpiece with veil, two styles of prim sleeve on the upper arm, and a third style of prim sleeves with upper and lower arm parts. This is truly a mix-and-matchers dream come true in a medieval gown. The pieces are all no transfer, however they are modifiable meaning yes, tintable as well.

Avilion Mist Jewelry Image 1

Now then, let’s take a look at the interesting new jewellery from Avilion Mist. Yesterday, Malakh Giles of Avilion Mist released the new ‘Fantasy Collection’ of jewellery. These jewels are completely unique, not at all your traditional tiara, necklace, or earrings (although all Avilion Mist jewellery is as superb as everything else housed in that fortress).

Avilion Mist - Celestial Tears - 1

No these jewels are of a different sort. Think of those exotic rhinestone bindis, picture that in your mind. Now, imagine similar items that adorn the eyes and the cheeks. This is what the new Fantasy Collection presents us with, fantastical pieces of art that can be worn on the face. There are currently six different varieties, each box containing three sizes ranging from very small to a larger, more noticeable dimension.

Avilion Mist Celestial Tears and Eyelashes

All of the items contain the usual scripting associated with Avilion Mist jewellery, with options to choose from a total of 11 colours, bright on and off et cetera. I elected to use diamond for nearly all of these images, save for some obligatory sapphire in my necklace in one image. My reason for this was the contrast of the jewellery against the skin, I wanted the details to be as visible to the eye as possible in these images.

Avilion Mist Ethereal Bloom and Moon and Stars 1

The available varieties of jewellery in this series are the Ethereal Bloom (a flower worn on the cheek), Eyelashes (full prim lashes that look as though they are made of stardust), Celestial Tears (fabulous creations that drip down from the eye in the path a tear would take), Spider’s Web which is worn on the cheek, Fairy Stars which are interesting seven pointed stars worn on the cheek, and moonlight, a crescent moon/stars combo again worn on the cheek.

Avilion Mist Fairy Stars

These little pieces of art are no mod, no transfer, however adjustments can still be made if required, as you don’t need mod permissions to adjust an objects position on your avatar. That’s about it for now, happy shopping dolls!

Credits After the Cut.

Gowns: Avilion Mist’s Ren Dresses, except in the images in the section highlighting the new Fantasy Jewel Collection.

Jewelry: All jewellery is from Avilion Mist, from multiple collections

Hair: Cherie black from Kouse’s Sanctum and Sensuality in Hibiscus from Naughty.

Skin: Alina from Naughty

Eyes: Mirror purple from Celestial Studios

~ by Arwen on June 20, 2008.

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