Sophisticate your Blaze

Blaze - Sophisticate- Purple Orchid

Good day fashion addicts! This spiffy little number is from Blaze, a shop owned and operated by Blaze Columbia. Please forgive me for the lacklustre title to the post. This is the Sophisticate gown in Purple Orchid. This seven piece set includes two tops, glitch pants, skirt, two sets of gloves, and a prim skirt that is comprised of two attachments. There is mixing and matching available here, as demonstrated in the above image. One top is the strapless sexy gown top, the other is a tux vest/tie combo.

The textures on this set are quite nice, especially given the price of the Sophisticate gowns (I found this one on SLX for 100L). The sets are no copy, so you can modify them to your hearts desire, or give them away as gifts easily.

Today my eyes are from the Mirror series from Celestial Studios, my skin is from Naughty, and my hair is the new Elizabeth style from Kouse’s Sanctum in black. That’s it for now, dear readers, keep your eyes peeled for more Tres Belle goodness to come!

~ by Arwen on June 23, 2008.

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