Oh So Much Newness…

And I sincerely apologize for my silence again. I know there will be e-spankings for my indolence. Anyway, on to today’s post!

Recently, Fashionistas of the gown loving variety have been spoiled pink by some of SL’s better known designers. Today, we will examine new releases from Kouse’s Sanctum and from Evie’s Closet. Yes, Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet is back in action, and she’s gifted the fashion world with some lovely new empire style gowns.

Let’s begin with Kouse’s Sanctum. Kouse Singh of Kouse’s Sanctum has created a one of a kind set that sparked much enthusiasm and scooping-up-of-goodies, entitled Willow. These nine piece sets are resplendent including a full prim tiara as well as the gown elements of top, glitch pants, flex prim sleeves in two varieties, and two types of prim skirt.

Kouse's Sanctum - Willow 1

These sets blend a bit of Ancient Rome with the Medieval, creating a unique and eye catching look. The so called ‘delicate’ prim sleeves, are composed of no less than 159 prims, and must be seen in world to appreciate the fine details.

Kouse's Sanctum - Willow 2

July’s group gift in Kouse’s Sanctum was the Vivace gown, in Sapphire, which was met with lauding and appreciation by the members of the Kouse’s Sanctum update group. Rumour is that these gowns will make another appearance, as being available for sale, in multiple colours, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for that. Vivace is pictured below.

Kouse's Sanctum July Freebie - Vivace

And now on to the new Evie’s Closet release, Aria! It’s a gorgeous empire line gown, complete with top, glitch pants, skirt, optional undershirt layer for sleeves, modesty undershirt, prim skirt, two types of flex sleeve, and a full prim wreath.

Evie's Closet - Aria - 2

For those who favour empire line gowns, this is a real treat, it’s satiny textures and rich colours are sure to please. The set gives an overall look of romance and femininity, with a slight touch of mischief. Attributes often associated with fae, which is no real wonder, as it’s creator is a fae at heart, and a lovely person as well.

Evie's Closet - Aria - 1

That’s it for now, join us soon for more fashion goodness, dear readers.

~ by Arwen on July 22, 2008.

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