Kouse's Sanctum - Esmerelda1

One of the more glamorous (and well received) of the newer gowns released into the SL universe has been Esmerelda by Kouse’s Sanctum. Weighing in at a hefty 16 pieces, the set includes everything…multiple skirt styles, headband, circlet…everything except shoes. It’s rich and vibrant textures coupled with delicate gold trim make for a set that is rich and appealing, suitable for ladies of every class or rank who wish to look their best.

Kouse's Sanctum - Esmerelda2

Before I get deeper into this article please allow me to catalogue all the pieces included in these glorious sets, which, are no transfer, yes mod on prims, no mod on system layers, and all parts are yes copy. Included items are: on system layers: top, long glitch pants, short glitch pants, Gorean free woman undershirt, prim parts: empire line skirt, overskirt/underskirt combo as two attachments, ball gown skirt, slim skirt, delicate flex sleeves (almost 160 prims each!), headband, veil, circlet, short skirt, and cape.
Kouse's Sanctum - Esmerelda3

-Takes deep breath- Yes indeed, many, many pieces. One could easily get carried away with all the mixing and matching possibilities in this one. As a note, the boots in these images are the boots from the Dawn set in brown from Avilion Mist, it’s a smashing new release I’ll blog about soon.

Kouse's Sanctum - Esmerelda4

In the above image, where you see my big old head displaying the circlet included with the Esmerelda set (this one is Dawn, the pink shade) so proudly, I am also wearing the Eye of Horus (right eye) from Avilion Mist. It was created by Malakh Giles. I highly recommend a peek over at Avilion Mist, it’s chalk full of goodies.

Kouse's Sanctum - Esmerelda5

To close, the Esmerelda sets from Kouse’s Sanctum capture many feels; princess, fairy, lady of magic, fairy tale damsel, little pixie, Gorean Free Woman, it can all be found in this box. The members of the Kouse’s Sanctum update group even get a 250L discount off the retail price of these ensembles by wearing their group tags, how fab!

Credits after the cut.

Gowns: Esmerelda sets in different colours
Hair: Hayden Jet from Sirena
Eye Jewelry: Eye of Horus from Avilion Mist
Hair: Hayden in Jet from Sirena
Skin: [MVS] Xtreme Reality (XR) Heidi in Romantic Plum

~ by Arwen on July 26, 2008.

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  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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