A New Dawn…

Recently, Serenity Sieyes of Avilion Mist has released one of the most superbly crafted outfits I have ever had the privilege to behold. Not your frilly and poofy gown, mind you, but a stunning ensemble to complement the traveller, the role player, any classy lady who wants freedom from the usual corsets and pastel colours. This is Dawn. This outfit, no matter which way it is worn, is full of impact, even with it’s earthy hues and subtle intricacies.

Avilion Mist Dawn 1

Let’s do a quick summary of the many pieces the pretty coffers these sets come in are filled to overflowing with. Included are, four types of pants, one being shorts, one being glitch pants, the other two being unique pant styles, top, sleeves on jacket layer, gloves, shoes and all related attachments, aura capelette, a gorgeous sculpted prim hat, long closed skirt, long open coat, long open robe, short open coat, prim sleeves in upper and lower parts, and, a Voyager cape, a splendorous new one shouldered creation I pray we will see sold separately and in many, many textures.

Avilion Mist Dawn 2

The pieces of the Dawn sets are offered as yes modify, yes copy, no trans. This means, should you wish to tint it, you may, though I personally would not as it is perfect as is in my opinion. As mentioned earlier, there is a sculpted hat with it. Adorned with lovely, jaunty white feathers, it is the crowning touch on Dawn. Also, the Voyager cape (the one shoulder cape pictured) utilizes sculpted prims. It’s fabulous in every way, from construction to fit to textures, overall a divine set that proves yet again that Avilion Mist is a leader when it comes to superb craftsmanship and on the leading edge of the finer designs within the Second Life™ universe.

Avilion Mist Dawn 3

For now, this set is only available in brown. Creator Serenity Sieyes has stated that more colours are to come, so keep a look out, as this means one thing: more wondrous splendours to add to your wardrobe.

~ by Arwen on July 27, 2008.

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