Elemental is Essential

Ah the Elements, how they move us. And just as the elements in nature are so essential in the framework that is Earth, so is the new Elements series from Avilion Mist essential to the wardrobe of the fashionable SL woman. This post is chalk full of images, so prepare to feast your eyes.

Avilion Mist - Elements2

These sets were crafted by the talented Serenity Sieyes. She’s created something truly admirable in these sets, their colours, textures, and prim work all working together seamlessly to create to die for ensembles. As stated, and as you can see from these pictures, there are virtually endless ways to mix and match the set’s numerous pieces.

Avilion Mist - Elements1

These gorgeous sets are copy/mod/no trans, except for clothing layers, which are no mod. The available colours are silver, red, maroon, green, brown, blue, and black.

Avilion Mist - Elements4

Pieces included are vest, thong, prim sleeves, single shoulder capelette, full skirt, open skirt, and short skirt, pants ,mask, hood, gloves, capelette for hood, capelette, prim boots, belt, and aura capelette.

Avilion Mist - Elements3

With all the pieces included, you can assemble outfits varying in nature from sleek and very revealing to stylish but very modest. Any way it’s worn it’s chic, with every colour bringing something special to the wearer.

Avilion Mist - Elements6

The included prim boots are lovely, and finish off the ensembles to a tee. These boots are unique, lovely things, great for traipsing through the tundra or walking up the street…they are a trendy and classy addition that anyone can appreciate.

Avilion Mist - Elements5

The three styles of cape/capelette with these outfits are just great, the prim work is wonderful, with very natural looks and a pretty feel, they make the wearer feel proud to don them, this is the case with every cape or cloak from Avilion Mist. They’ve set the standard for quality in SL, and their cloaks and capes are pre-eminent.

Avilion Mist - Elements8

Of all these sets, of all the mixing, matching (yes I was at this about 2 hours, having fun the whole time!) my favourite of the available colours is silver. All of them are exquisite but silver stands out to me. With a feel of wolf fur, it’s sublime.

Avilion Mist - Elements7

You can find Avilion Mist at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Avilion%20Mist////

Avilion Mist - Elements10

I highly recommend a visit to Avilion Mist, and encourage you to pick up a copy of one of these splendid sets! Happy shopping all, and I will post again soon.

Avilion Mist - Elements9


~ by Arwen on August 24, 2008.

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