Ahh Hair Fair…

To those who weren’t residing under a nicely sized boulder, the Hair Fair, held on the same four Rezzable sims as the Relay for Life Clothing Fair, is not news. For those unaware, it was an event including almost 90 creators of delectable hair styles, to benefit Locks of Love.

As I waded through the mire that was the lag of the sims, and waited patiently for space to get into one server from another (they were full nearly all the time) I made a lot of fantastic discoveries. Also, this whole event was a spectacular demonstration of just how much SLers love a good cause, and love their hair too!

So, I want to show you, readers, a few highlights from the Hair Fair. Namely, styles I found for either free, cheap, or that had donations made to Locks of Love.

Hair Fair - Magika - Laqroki

Much more after the jump.

Above are two gorgeous long styles, Magika’s ‘Dream’ in Platinum Blonde and Laqroki’s Steam 04. Fantastic textures and prim work work together to create two luscious looks from these two.

Next is GuRL6, and Sparkle Skye, with the styles “Sugary – Rebel” and “Alice – Pink”

Hair Fair - GuRL 6 ~ Sparkle Skye

Both of the styles in the below image are from Sirena. The styles are Zoey in Chocolate, and Tyra in White.

Hair Fair - Sirena

As a note, the butterfly choker I’m wearing in these images is from Twisted Rose. This image below, shows the Puety hair from Eat Rice in blonde and Jasmin Dirty Blond (with Mad Bang) from Analog Dog.

Hair Fair - Eat Rice ~ Analog Dog

This is House of Heart’s Daphne in Steel, and Novocaine’s Leona in Cherry.

Hair Fair - HOH ~ Novocaine

The black lipped skin I’m wearing in a great deal of these images is from Helena Stringer. Next, is Adam N Eve’s Janie in ‘Aflame Red’, and Heba from Sanctum.

Hair Fair - Sanctum ~ Adam and Eve

This is the ‘Krinaia’ style in white from Curl up and Dye, and also the Snood Hair in Grape from Curio.

Hair Fair - Curl Up And Dye ~ Curio

And finally, Damselfly’s Salon and HTC, with the styles Verena – Ginger and Lonnie Pink/Pink respectively.

Hair Fair - Damselfly - hTC

That’s what really caught my fancy at this year’s hair fair, join us soon for another post.


~ by Arwen on August 30, 2008.

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