Beaded Blooms of a Midsummer Night…

Avilion Mist - Beaded Midsummers Night3

Good Morning dear Readers. I come to you sharing one of the greatest things to appear in my notices recently. New gowns by Serenity Sieyes of Avilion Mist! Yes, along the lines of the ‘Midsummer Night’ collection…comes these glorious ‘Beaded Blooms’ gowns. Available in green and in blue, they are a treat that ought not be missed!

Avilion Mist - Beaded Midsummers Night

Coming with top, system skirt, long and short glitch pants, as well as stunning prim wings, and prim skirts of short and long varieties in both long and short lengths, there are mixing and matching possibilities that take these excellently textures items from creating a pixyish look to that of a refined and elegant lady. I adore the skirts in this set, their craftsmanship is as superb as every other aspect of the ensemble.

Avilion Mist - Beaded Midsummers Night2

As you can tell by the images, these sets have very detailed textures and vibrant colours. They shouldn’t be missed out on, so drop by Avilion Mist!

Notes after the slash…

Gowns by Avilion Mist (Serenity Sieyes)
Skin by Naughty
Hair by Damselfly Salon
Eyes from Celestial Studios


~ by Arwen on August 31, 2008.

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