Avilion Mist’s Snowflake

Avilion Mist Snowflake 1.2

It’s been a while, but, at last there are new goods at Avilion mist!

For those who appreciate the fine details and precise craftsmanship that Avilion Mist offers, behold the new Snowflake set. With it’s lovely curves, subtle glow, and flawless beauty, it’s a charming set to be cherished forever.

Avilion Mist Snowflake 1

I scooped up one of the very limited special edition sets, which includes not only ever available jewellery piece crafted by the talented Malakh Giles, but also a new and breathtaking cloak/cape set by the gifted Serenity Sieyes. Whenever these two make any kind of release, it’s easy to find yourself mesmerized by their work, to have your breath literally stolen by the eye candy they create.

Avilion Mist Snowflake 2

In the above image, the Elements set in Silver is worn with the cape and cloak. The Snowflake jewellery consists of earrings, necklace, bracelet, and tiara. The special edition sets also include cape, cloak, and hood/mask options for these.

I think the images speak for themselves, this is a must have set for any lady who appreciates fine jewellery. Whether you like winter or not, these snowflakes are just to pretty to deny.

Avilion Mist: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Avilion%20Mist////

And also, Serenity Sieyes has released other versions of this Elements cloak, and some lovely new sculpty shoes!

~ by Arwen on December 22, 2008.

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