Unleash Your Inner Drow

This evening grants a departure from the usual gown related post, time for something different, indeed. A post about skins for your enjoyment.

Avilion Mist Drow Skins 1

Good Drow skins are so hard to find. At least, the preceding statement held true until the recent release of Avilion Mist’s Drow Skins by Serenity Sieyes. I really admire the quality of these skins, the shading and color is superb, with the tone being perfect, for me at least, not too too dark, not too pale either.

The two images in this post only show two of the available skin choices. The selection includes black or white eyebrows, and several very tasteful makeup options. The price is also incredibly low given the quality of the work, so I highly recommend trying them out, it’s only the price of your average gown to be able to let the Drow in you roam free.

Avilion Mist Drow Skins 2

While you’re there, be sure to explore the Avilion sims. Recently there has been some rebuilding and updating of builds that were already fantastic so be sure to see that if you haven’t been there in a while.

The outfit worn in the images is also from Avilion Mist, it’s Elements in black. The eyes are Wednesday Eyes in Lake Blue from /Wasabi Pills/. My hair is Haylie in white from Sirena.

~ by Arwen on February 13, 2009.

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