Erieannsong by Pocket Pfeffer

I found this interesting little gown by Pocket Pfeffer on XStreetSL. It’s called Eireannsong. It’s a bit tricky to locate her in world shop, however, the Xstreet is easy, and I’ll post the link for this dress, which just happens to be a freebie.

Eireannsong by Pocket Pfeffer1

I understand that her work is all hand drawn in Photoshop. From what I’ve seen, she’s got some talent and has a future in SL clothing, for sure. My only comment would be about the prims. The arm prims seem a bit awkward for the wearing, and the skirt prims could be positioned in a more natural way. The flex of the prims could be a bit softer. Other than that, it’s great work, and for the price, you can’t go wrong. Check it out!

Eireannsong by Pocket Pfeffer2

The skin is from The Abyss, and the eyes are from /Wasabi Pills/.

Here’s the link to the gown:

~ by Arwen on March 12, 2009.

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