Julia Gowns from Kouse’s Sanctum

So I know I know I’m lazy…I’ll try yet again to come out of that laziness, hopefully this time it’ll stick. This is one of the newer releases from Kouse’s Sanctum, called Julia. I scoped out Liquid Heat’s Hogwarts build for the lovely images in this post, do enjoy.

Kouse's Sanctum - Julia 7

This set Kouse Singh has lovingly given rise to is stunning, really. Never mind that the almost Cranach styling isn’t really my thing, I can still completely appreciate the meticulous detail that went into it, especially the prim parts of the sleeves, and the headdress.

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Kouse's Sanctum - Julia 5

The sleeves, for example, have many, many tiny prim pearls adorning them. I can’t do it justice with these images, you’ll have to see it in world. Also, the headdress has Kouse’s trademark convoluted ornate gold trim, nearly 100 prims worth of it, and it’s gorgeous, it looks quite realistic.

Kouse's Sanctum - Julia 4

The prim skirt is sleek, working together with the rest of the pieces to create a look that flows and is almost timeless. From the back, it almost gives an impression of ancient Greece…or Rome, with the way the view flows. It’s currently available in six shades. It’s unknown whether or not more are in the works. I would assume they are, for something, because this is a set I can’t see limited to the basic shades of blue, red, green, purple, black, white…I think there will be more. Or at least I hope.

Kouse's Sanctum - Julia 3

A little more about the Hogwarts build by Liquid Heat, if you go to the sim (SLURL can be found by reaching the Flickr pages of these images) at the tp point you can pick up a HUD that’ll provide tp’s to the places you’ll most want to see, and you can also wander around. The castle is just huge, and nearly as impressive as the film version. They even have the infamous Staircase, you remember, the one that moves of its own free will?

Kouse's Sanctum - Julia 2

Class rooms, dormitories for all four houses of Hogwarts, even Snape’s naughty room. It’s all there. With the dark and detailed build of this rendition of Hogwarts, I felt inclined to use it as the backdrop for the images of this gown set. I think it turned out rather well.

Kouse's Sanctum - Julia 1

Back to the gown, these sets come with the system layers of shirt and glitch pants, prim parts of skirt, sleeves, and headdress. The permission set allows for copying and modifying of the prim pieces should you desire it, though you cannot modify the clothing layers. The whole set is no trans, so if you plan on it being a gift, maybe buy one of the gift cards from the store and present it to the lucky person you’re spoiling.

Kouse's Sanctum - Julia 6

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SeaBreeze%20Oasis/32/26/50

Notes: Hair from Analog Dog, skin from Laqroki, eyes from /Wasabi Pills/

~ by Arwen on March 12, 2009.

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