Constanze from Kouse’s Sanctum

Kouse’s Sanctum has made a new release – already. I have a feeling this is one of those times when miss Kouse is having a deluge of ideas and id trying to grasp them all before they dissipate like a mirage on a hot summer day…alright enough of that sounding like a novel, let’s get to the meat of this.

Kouse's Sanctum - Constanze - 3

The series is called Constanze. I can say with every confidence I believe this is some of her best work. The textures are exquisite, the prims are nearly flawless, and the skirt is just…dreamy, but realistic at the same time, the upper layers of fabric seeming to float with every movement of the avatar wearing it.

More after the break.

Kouse's Sanctum - Constanze 2

These sets include top, glitch pants, prim skirt, prim bow, and prim sleeves. The sleeves and bow work in sculpty prims. The hues of this series readily available for public consumption are mostly pastel shades, but also a black version dubbed ‘Midnight’. There’s also a blue version that will only be available to 5 people on the grid, these 5 are to be determined by a draw at the end of the RFL Clothing Fair. (Read this for more info)

Also at the RFL fair will be a red version as a dollarbie, and of course, a purple version to support the RFL along with a violet version of the ‘Fate’ gown. It’s also been stated that there will be a group freebie soon, I’d keep my eyes out for that one.

Hair: ETD
Skin: MVS Xtreme Reality
Gowns: Kouse’s Sanctum
Eyes: /Wasabi Pills/

~ by Arwen on March 15, 2009.

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