Avilion Mist’s Eruanna

Avilion Mist - Eruanna 1

I love Avilion Mist. I should make a nice shiny button that says that so I can don it for all the world to see. Serenity Sieyes and Malakh Giles never cease to breathe life into fantasy and magic, keeping it alive and thriving.

Avilion Mist - Eruanna 2

Malakh Giles has created a new clothing set entitled Eruanna, which means ‘Grace’ in Quenya (Elvish according to Tolkien). The rich textures, detailed prim work, and sleek design make it undoubtedly, beautifully, Elfish. It’s a full set bursting at the seams with pieces, including a complete jewellery set. I strongly recommend you spoil your senses by indulging in this treat for the ocular orbs.

Avilion Mist - Eruanna 3

There are three types of skirt among the many, many pieces of this set, a fancy version, with a delicate jewelled chain adorning the belt, a more regular version that still bears some of the added prims of the fancy, and a simple version, with no extra embellishments for those without taste for the overwrought. The jewellery includes circlet, bracelets, a drape for around the shoulders, arm bracelets…I won’t list them all, but the images in this post exhibit some of the ways the set can be worn.

Skin: MVS Xtreme Reality
Hair: Influence (Naughty)
Outfit: Avilion Mist
Eyes: /Wasabi Pills/

~ by Arwen on March 17, 2009.

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