A White Wonder from Yuli

I’ve taken a little break, and am still recovering in both mind and pocket book from the sensory overload that was the Relay for Life Clothing Fair. There’s a million other posts on a million other blogs about the glorious event, so I’ll keep my commentary brief, sans images, so I can more quickly proceed to newer topics. I will say however, that should you see the easily identifiable vendors for RFL to please donate, and wander away with the warm feeling that you‘ve not just bought goods, but supported a worthwhile cause at the same time.

Yuli - Tavia - White

Now, I’ve found a sexy little number that’s free for the taking – and enjoying – from Yuli. The outfit is called Tavia in white, and it’s also available as a freebie in black. This item can easily be located on XStreetSL (formerly known as SLX). You can find the link after the break.

You can find this gown by clicking here.

Gown: Tavia in White from Yuli
Skin: Lydia from Laqroki
Hair: The Future Pony from Armidi Hair
Eyes: Wednesday Eyes from /Wasabi Pills/

~ by Arwen on April 1, 2009.

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