Some Freebie Goodness

TresBelle is officially SL’s laziest fashion blog. At least I think…I couldn’t be bothered to go check the infrequency of some posters. *insert laugh track here* I found a couple really cute freebies on XStreetSL, pics and links to follow.

Paradisis - Babe

First up is a sweet little pink and black combo dubbed “Babe” by Paradisis. Maybe not the most unique form of nomenclature, but still sweet and to the point. Wearing this cute yet very brazen ensemble makes you appear the inevitable babe.

Paradisis - Babe 2

Included are top on three layers, glitch pants on the pant and underwear layers, and prim skirt. The ends of the sleeves are on the glove layer as they’re a bit overlong. I love the long sleeves.

You can find this outfit here.

Second is Summer Raspberries from Sweeter Than Candy. This little number can be worn two ways, as a dress, and as a shirt/Capri shorts combo. I chose to show the dress option, as the Capri pants aren’t really my thing. Like the first outfit, this one has overlong sleeves, which I am quickly coming to adore.

STC Summer Raspberries

You can find it here.

Kouse's Sanctum - Tryst Jewelry

I don’t wear modern or short skirted outfits too often, so this was a nice change of pace, the fact that they’re of good quality, tasteful, and free just sweetens the deal. Enjoy!

Shoes from Zhao

Hair from Celestial Studios

Skin from Celestial Studios

~ by Arwen on July 14, 2009.

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