A Storm Has Arrived

Avilion Mist has a new release for the ladies. Pause for a moment…breathe…yes it’s true. It’s stunningly gorgeous, detailed, with a potent mix of beauty and power. I chose to show it in red and in black for this post, as of the multitude of available hues, those two caught my eye best.

Avilion Mist - Storm - 3

Weighing in at an incredible 31 pieces, the innumerable ways in which it can be worn will leave you forever pleased with purchasing it, you can mix and match the pieces to suit almost any mood.

Avilion Mist - Storm - 4

The corset lacing on the front of the top, back, and on the sleeves adds just the right feminine touch to this combat oriented ensemble. Silver accents with subtle glow adorn many of the prim pieces offering a touch of simple luxury in detail.

Avilion Mist - Storm - 1

‘Storm’ has been crafted with the same clever expert care as all items from Avilion Mist, it’s creator, Malakh Giles, bearing in mind that versatility is key. With that, Storm can be appropriate for Medieval role play, Sci-Fi themes, a slightly punk look, and much more, to suit the needs and tastes of a wide demographic of customers.

Avilion Mist - Storm - 2

Of course, it’s from Avilion mist, and, as with almost every other Avilion Mist offering, it’s got an included cloak, this one with a hood and mask option. The use of sculpties in this set to create a more natural look keeps a level of realism that can be appreciated by all.

Avilion Mist - Storm - 5

I will offer a word of advice with purchasing this set, though, and that is, if you open the box, and it appears not all of the 31 pieces are in your inventory, don’t fret…instead, rez the box again, and open it again, but, you may need a little patience, make sure all the pieces have loaded before copying to inventory, and then be sure to wait until all items are in your inventory itself before picking up the box. That said, this is fast becoming a favourite set of mine, be sure to check it out!

Storm outfits available at Avilion Mist.

~ by Arwen on July 16, 2009.

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