Allegra Hunt at Kouse’s Sanctum

Allegra Hunt - Kouse's Sanctum - 2

So, my timing fails sometimes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to blogging this fabulous little hunt until now, now of course, that it’s over. For that I apologize. However, it was a hunt worthy of posting about, and so here’s the post. Kouse’s Sanctum held a scavenger hunt dubbed the ‘Allegra Trinket Hunt’ in which participants were to locate 8 trinkets scattered about the Sanctum. There was also a special ninth gown, which could be obtained by submitting all 8 tokens that were included with the prize gowns from the trinkets in a folder to the store’s owner, Kouse Singh.

Allegra Hunt - Kouse's Sanctum - 1

The hunt was fun and drew a lot of participants from around the Grid. The little trinkets were very pretty, each with a gem matching the colour of gown it held. At the end, I kept the copies of the trinkets I had from opening the gowns and used them to decorate, as they are, indeed, trinkets.

Allegra Hunt - Kouse's Sanctum - 3

All the gowns from this hunt are from the currently unreleased ‘Allegra’ series. I really like the modern, sleek look of these empire line gowns, which is unique among Kouse’s work, which is usually extremely detailed with all sorts of embellishments. The rich jewel hues are fetching, and the long-ribboned bow has just the faintest bit of glow to it.

Allegra Hunt - Kouse's Sanctum - 4

I’d also like to add before signing off on this post, that the gown pictured which features a coalescing of two colours, blue and pink, is the ‘Irridescent’ prize awarded to those who submitted folders with their tokens in them.

Gowns: Kouse’s Sanctum ‘Allegra’ Gowns
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: Celestial Studios

~ by Arwen on July 22, 2009.

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