Some Fun With Black and Pink

Doll This cheapie from Badlicious Fashion

I felt a little like wearing black and pink today, so, I looked around XStreetSL and what do you know, I found some treasure. The outfit, minus the boots, is the ‘Doll This’ cheapie from Badlicious Fashion. I hadn’t heard anything about this little shop previously, so this was a welcome discovery. I don’t know how long the outfit will be available, or how long it’ll be the price it is now – L$10, so I’d recommend you pick it up as soon as possible if it strikes your fancy.

The outfit comes with several pieces, including two versions of top on multiple layers, Capri pants with sculpted cuffs, and even a cute little thong. I chose to wear boots that hide the fact the pants are Capris, because, as anyone who knows me knows, I’m not a fan of Capris.

Doll This from Badlicious Fashion and boots by Jozzie Design

The boots are from Jozzie Design, and they‘re also a cheapie. They’re named Jozzie, also. I really like them to go with this outfit because it created a cute running theme of wear and tear, the safety pin adornments matching flawlessly with the rips and wear in the jeans. When it came to selecting hair, I chose Emery in Light Midnight from Calico Ingmann creations. You can find XStreetSL links to both the outfit, and boots, from the credits.

Jozzie Design boots


Outfit: Doll This! From Badlicious Fashion
Boots: Jozzie from Jozzie Design
Hair: Emery from Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: Alina from Naughty Designs
Eyes: Mirror Blurple from Celestial Studios


~ by Arwen on July 22, 2009.

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