I came under a Mystic Sky

Hello dear readers,

So here I am ! A little late I know, but I got to tame WordPress first which is for me a brand new way of blogging.

As Arwen told you, I am Suavana and I’m very very happy to join the TresBelle team. I also hope you’ll enjoy me being here as much as I will enjoy letting you know about the best creations and deals you can find on the grid. As you will notice, those little fashion delight will often be medieval related.. Why ? Simple. I am a roleplayer in Avilion, which is probably the most gorgeous medieval fantasy RP area in SL. I should also stress the fact that these sims are created by Serenity Sieyes and Malakh Giles, who are the great minds behind Avilion Mist. And I know Arwen already posted about them and their incredible talent.

So anyway, feel free to visit Avilion, but mind the dresscode ! Yes, we do medieval roleplay so as you guessed by now, you’ll be expected to be in medieval garb in any RP areas (i.e. anywhere out of Avilion Mist store). What ? You don’t own any ? Then it’s now you’ll start to really love.. *yes you will* because I already have 3 solutions for you.

1) Use the free outfits available at each Avilion gates. One for the gentlemen and one for the ladies.

2) Scroll down the blog. Arwen had pretty nice deals for you to get which would be just perfect to visit us.

3) Give me 3 more seconds and I’ll start giving you good plans as well !

Arya in White - Isolde in Blue

Oh by the way, this is me. You’ll see me often appear in grey. Do not try to fix your screen. I’m a drow. I’m supposed to be grey. But as a blogger I also happen to use a human look which suits better some outfits. But enough about me.

The dress Drow Sua is modelling is latest lucky chair gift by Mystic Sky and it’s Arya in White. The lovely lady owning this young store is Skyler John and it’s not lying to say she most probably will be very well known soon. She is not only talented and gifted with a very good taste, she is also generous. Proof to come soon in another post with the gift just sent out as her subscribo group reached 300 members and the free outfits available in her store (One for men and one for ladies, suitable for Avilion). Plus if you are a picture addict, you might want to hurry to get one of her design and enter the picture contest she is organising. End on 27th.

The blue dress on Human myself is a creation of Evangeline Miles. Evangeline if there is still need to introduce her is the wonderful designer of Evie’s Closet. This is Isolde  in Midnight, a gift to be found in Bogart’s hunt. (Formal clothing inside the Club). You will just need to find a Champagne’s bottle and the hunt will end on August 1st.

So that’s all for now ! Enjoy !

xx Sua xx


~ by Mae on July 26, 2009.

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