An evening with Aria

A few months ago, I discovered Aria’s Dream. Owned by the sweet Aria Swansong, who is not only a skilled designer but a cute one as well, her shop is filled with stunning outfits, mainly for ladies but a few for the gentlemen as well.

Each month you will get a gift if you join her group, and it’s always a delight that you won’t want to miss. You’ll also find in her store a lucky chair and a lucky board, and I hope the luck will be on your side because those outfits are amazing !


There’s a lot more beyond the break…jump in!

The Llyra gown in pink is cuteness in a box (until you unpack the dress of course) and the embroideries are breathtaking. I’m not trying to rub salt in the wound.. but if you had known about Aria at the beginning of this month, you’d have gotten Llyra in Summer Sea as a gift.


Anyway as you can see, it does come with two skirt styles, a “slim” one and a “ballroom” one, so it suits you in every occasion ! Plus as you might have noticed on the first picture, the skirt follows your move with a lot of grace which makes you look even more elegant and feminine. A great work done here.

To complete the look, I would advice Natalie Hair, which is the very last Kouse’s Sanctum ‘s release. A very elegant updo, a pinch of romantism and a few strands of hair escaping for the touch of glamour. To get with the accessories of course, Kouse Singh picked and arranged those flowers gently for you.


The second dress available in the chair is FaerieMeadow in Apricot and it does taste like summer ! In pastel shades with exquisite patterns on the skirt, corset and sleeves, Aria made, with this gown, a real dream come true. And since I’ve been speaking so much, I’ll end here this post.

Enjoy and be “TresBelle”, which in french means “Very Beautiful”.

xx Sua xx

~ by Mae on July 27, 2009.

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