Happiness begins with little things.

Yes it does. And as promised, here comes a most affordable look for your medieval moments.

Mystic Sky is the one to thank for these wonderful *free* outfits. Yes free, as I mentionned in my previous post, Skyler John is a very generous person, and it is not limitated to this offer. If you look carefully you might notice a flower crown in my hair. And do not even start with the “Do Drows wear flowers?” Yes they do. I do because even a drow can look cute ! And more than that I do because this is another gift from Mystic Sky. Sweet isn’t it?

About those gifts I do want to stress that they’re not your usual freebies. No offense to any gifts available across the grid, but those ones stand out. The free outfits are basic clothes for RPer, however you can note the pattern on the bottom part of the skirt, and the skirt itself is deliciously well made. The prims float softly and smoothly as you move, and the simplicity of the gown makes its beauty. The flower crown is adorable as well, delicately made and very elegant.

I also had mentionned the 300 members group gift, and it is the wonderful Raven Gown in Summer Blue.

Yet another proof of Skyler’s good taste right ? I do love her textures and the attention she puts in each of her creations. Only thing that might be improved in my opinion is the cloak whichcould be a bit more flexible. But it doesn’t make the gown itself any less beautiful… and let’s keep in mind Skyler’s store is still young too !

One last thing I would like to underline too. On these pictures you can see me with a long hair style, and it is Lola from Analog Dog. On 24th, its great owner and designer, Queue Marlowe announced a sale. All items in the “Sale Section” are now 20L each and some other styles (with the exception of the newest releases) got marked down. So you might want to have a look there as long as it lasts !

~ by Mae on July 27, 2009.

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