A Sample of the Something Blue Expo

Son!ia and Flirt Something Blue Expo

Good evening dear readers! You -must- check out the Something Blue Expo, which can be found here. There’s so much goodness to be found there, that I don’t feel right squishing it all into one post, so I’ll make a few about it. First off is a pairing that I created by chance, the Something Blue gown from Son!a (freebie) and the ~Flirt~ Tiffany Charm Bracelets. The charm bracelets are gold and there is a pair, one for each wrist.

Son!ia and Flirt Something Blue Expo2

The gown includes top, jacket layer, solid and sheer versions of skirt, underskirt, glitch pants, and gloves. The two layers of top give the ability to choose how sheer you wish the belly area to appear. The textures are very good on the gown, though I think it exposes just a tad too much of the cleavage personally, and the prim work is also very good given it’s a freebie. The prim work on the bracelets is exquisite, well worth taking the time to hunt down. Both of these can be found at the Something Blue expo for the remainder of it’s run, so hurry there if either catches your fancy. Also, the hair’s from Calico Ingmann Creations, and the skin is from Celestial Studios.


~ by Arwen on August 6, 2009.

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