Conclusion of Something Blue Expo Posts

Azul and Caithlin Carter Designs Something Blue Expo

Here’s the final of three posts about the Something Blue Expo, which I highly recommend visiting. Please bear in mind, I only featured a small selection of what’s available at the expo, so there’s a whole lot more to discover over and above what I’ve posted. In this post, I’m showing jewellery called ‘Pure’ from Caithlin Carter Deisgns, the clothing featured in the image is from the Azul black lingerie set, which is also available there. After the break some shoe goodness, so take a peek…

Heart and Sole Something Blue Expo

These lovely shoes are called ‘Swirlies’ and they’re from Heart and Sole. They are one of three shoe sets available at the Something Blue Expo as a freebie, so if you like them you might want to go hunt them down at the expo. They have those cute little sculptie toes, and menu driven texture and colour change, as well as resizing, so it’s easy to make them suit you perfectly.

~ by Arwen on August 6, 2009.

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