Loveliness in a Box…

Kouse's Sanctum Cyrenia Special Edition Three

Good evening readers! I come to you tonight with a little surprise from Kouse’s Sanctum with I encourage you to pick up if you are fond of all things beautiful. First, visit one of the Kouse’s Sanctum locations and touch the Subscribe-o-Matic to receive a special Boleyn Girl gown if you haven’t already. But for sure, take part in this hunt.

Kouse's Sanctum Cyrenia Special Edition

To celebrate reaching over 500 members in her Subscribe-O-Matic group, Kouse Singh offers a small hunt that will take participants through three of her shops, Avilion Vale, SeaBreeze Oasis (which will close on the 11th, as announced), and her new spot in Vanity Fayre. There is one gift box in each location that contains one of these pictured gowns, Cyrenia special edition, in Ruby, Midnight, and Snow. At just 50L each, they include two versions of top, short and long skirt, a circlet with gem change scripting, and even shoes. It’s a lot of bang for your Linden™ buck.

Kouse's Sanctum Cyrenia Special Edition Two

I expect the hunt will end with a new release, or when the SeaBreeze Oasis location closes on the 11th, so hurry and get them while you can. Here’s the SLURLS to the locations of the gift boxes, follow that glowing red beam!

PS: The hair is from LAQ and the skin from Celestial Studios.

~ by Arwen on August 9, 2009.

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