Simply “Fae”minine

Hehe.. again me.. I know. But I’m once again not coming alone, and while I should be in my bed and sleeping, let me introduce you ….

Collette, the new dress by Simply Fae. Simply Fae is owned by Boaz Sands, one great friend of mine and cute fae of Avilion ! And while I keep dreaming of sleeping on my moon, Boaz releases each time more beautiful gowns. As a proof of it is, in my opinion, the previous release, Devora’s Petals.

Devora's petals Yellow

Called Devora after the most adorable fae in Avilion, this outfit scores very high on cuteness with the little lady bugs and the flowers all around. But Boaz is as well very generous and while her group gift is out at her mainstore, she also has a gift set out for Black Pearl hunt at Avilion Vale.

The Daphne dress, a previous gorgeous gown by Simply Fae. Just follow the red crosses to get the gift and make sure you also get the one from Avilion Mist. Wondering about the moon and the harp ? Those are both from Studio Sidhe, a fantastic store where you can find some of the finest poses and props in SL. The moon is stunning and so romantic for me, it has 4 poses included. The harp is a thank you gift for all those who took part in the Moon picture contest organised by Studio Sidhe and Evie’s Closet.

Just one little request before to go, Faery Sola, owner of Studio Sidhe, feels abandonned. When all other designers, and even small bloggers like me manage to have their messages delivery capped, she never got the priviledge of logging in with the “Too many instant messages. Delivery capped.” and even though I tried to explain her how hated is this message.. she feels the need of experimenting it. SO.. if you like my post, if you go and check her store, then send her IMs, NCs and much love to let her know how appreciated is her work !

That’s all for now ! Hugs.


~ by Mae on August 10, 2009.

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  1. LMAO! *runs and hides*

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