Some talents out there

Good evening dear readers ! Sorry for that “silence” those last times, there are those times everything seem to put itself in your path and when RL kicks in and smacks your computer at the same time… Well, you know.

Anyway, as Arwen blogged earlier, there is a hunt going on at Kouse’s Sanctum, and you don’t want to miss it that’s for sure. As gifts you’ll receive 3 special editions of the Cyrenia gowns, which is to say the least, absolutely stunning. Here is a little look on some other versions (not in the hunt but still a must get at the Sanctum) of Cyrenia.

Those are maybe the most beautiful dresses made by Kouse… so far. Yes i do stress so far since she’s been amazing me with each new release, outdoing herself easily.

And there is way more to say about her and other talented designers after the jump.. Keep reading !

As I was saying Cyrenia gowns are stunning, the textures are rich and deep, pastel like darker shades perfectly showing the delicate work they asked for. As you could notice too, the pastel shades are paired with the silver trim and dark ones with the gold trim, however the Midnight edition (black color) is available with both trim colors. The fatpacks give you a discount and i say fatpackS because you can have the pastel or dark shades one, so if you cannot decide… this is a good deal.


And one last little look at Something Blue Expo for two dresses, I absolutely loved from there. The first one is from Soraya Shan and it’s called Cinderella Ballgown. Even though it’s pink and I usually don’t happen to be too much found of pink things … I’m loving this one. It’s elegant, shiny but not too much and it made me like pink ! I’m wearing the CCD Pure Butterfly jewelry, to find at the expo and just like the Cinderella gown… for free.

And finally, another gift to get from the expo, even if you’ll have to visit the booths to get this one (Previous ones are available on the Gift table at the landing point). This delight is from Kay Couture and I also really enjoyed this gown the second I tried it on. Even if, in my mind, the prims could be improved a little bit (just a little small bit) to be smoother and moves more freely around you, the textures are great and I was impressed at the top. Revealing skin but just enought to make men go nuts…  and your “bits” remain covered. So a great piece of work, and I take a bow at all those designers.

~ by Mae on August 10, 2009.

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