Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Casting: Me, your humble blogger… Ariel, the delicious gown … And L’Renden temple.
This stunning gown is the latest Kouse’s Sanctum release, and it’s called Ariel. You might have recognized the gorgeous skirt similar to Cyrenia gowns… Well it’s normal, they were first designed for Ariel.

What I really love in this gown is the way texture are made. Not that I do not like the textures from previous gowns.. but let me explain. I picked the Raindrops one, because I just fell in love with the shining water look it had. Ariel is available in 5 colors: Ice, Dusk, Flora, Aurora and Raindrops.

When Ice is a simple and pure white gown, the waist elegantly underlined by the golden roses and belt, all the other colors shows off a splendid texture work. The top is slightly shining, catching the eyes, and if you didn’t notice, the texture is orientated from left hip to right shoulder, which in my humble opinion, just added to its lovely look.

The skirt textures are all made on the basis of one major color and mixed with talent with another tint. Like in the Raindrops, where the deep blue is matched with a sweet teal color.

Anyway, this new release is only 300L and I couldn’t resist it… So how could you ?

~ by Mae on August 13, 2009.

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