Real talents and MysticHope

Did I ever tell you about MysticHope? This is a wonderful store, run by very talented people and at the same place you can actually find three different stores: MysticHope, Mystic Paradise and Reaktor Omega.

Reaktor Omega offers high quality skins and it’s a real delight for fantasy RPer to go shop there. They have awesome drow skins ! They also have a lucky chair, filled with skins, tatoos and face tatoos for what I could see.. but it seems this chair does hate me <pouts>.

Mystic Paradise is a fashion heaven for every single outfit is 50L ! Yes, only 50L ! And it also has lucky chairs there for both ladies and gents!

And last but not the least Mystic Paradise. Their outfits are between the best quality I could find to fit a drow like me. Looking for armour that would still keep the feminity present, their creations are tastefull and realised with a lot of care. But they also have gorgeous dresses.. and let’s not forget the outfits for the guys too. I shall underline one detail though.. At MysticHope you can find 4 chairs; 2 lucky ones, 2 camping ones and 1 of each is for the ladies, the rest for their beloved !  But, not making you wait any longer, let’s look at the pictures !

This first outfit is Anfaela in Black, and it’s the actual Camping Chair prize for Ladies.MysticTB
(Much much much more to read and see after the break, so stay with me !)

I do love Anfaela, I already own the green one, which was in the Camping chair long time ago. 90mn of camping for that beauty ! There is at least 5 ways of wearing it, and as I’m writing this post, I feel kinda silly of forgetting one picture with the simple chemise style. As you can see, I’m wearing a beige chemise under the black jacket and it’s a possibility to be simply wearing it with the sleeves option that you can see on the right picture. One other option is wearing the shoulder and arm plates, for a more “warrior” look. But once again, with mix and match outfits, the final look is up to you !

All the next outfits are from the ladies lucky chair. So be ready to be amazed !
Sindarin in White. This dress is simply stunning. Although it is a bright white (You could use it for a detergent advert), the gown is great. Really.. But I’m picky. I would have like the skirt to be less poofy, so it would more suit drow “fashion”.. and I think there is something missing when you don’t wear the skirt. But still, the details are lovely and it’s really worth getting it.
Gildea Green Rose. A very nice outfit and very attractive. Not sure if it does fit much medieval dresscode, but with a weather like the one I have here right now.. it’d fit the requirements ! ^-^
Lady Terribly in Black. Maybe one of my favourites in the lucky chair and I’m really glad I managed to get it. Elegant and simple.. and black ! I love the little accessories on the belt and the way the cloak is made. It’s really nice.
Balwaria Brown gown. A wonderful gown, with again a bunch of mix and match option. The tatoo is included with the outfit, and really, it works well together. It has a little gypsy look in my mind and I think this is a great RP outfit.


Other stuff:

Pic1: ✰Hair: (left) Rock Candy -Angelica [Gift maybe still there] (right) Vixen – Rowan [Slice of Summer hunt gift – over now]

Boots: Phoenix Designs and Firefall Highheel in Black (not free)

Ears: Elf Ear (color change) by Discord (99L)

Pic2: ✰ Hair : House Of Heart Jackie in Cloud (not free)

Boots: Bounce – Sexy Engine Leather Boots White (White/Black/Red versions used to be camping prizes chair. Maybe still there)

Pic3: ✰ Hair : Calico – Arianna in Auburn (DSN item)

Boots: Phoenix Designs and Firefall Highheel in Green (not free)

Pic4: ✰ Hair : House Of Heart Jackie in Cloud (not free)

Boots: Lost Souls Black by KC Fashions

Pic5: ✰ Hair : Calico – Arianna in Auburn (DSN item)

Boots: Sweeter Than Candy – Suede Boots (previous group gift)

~ by Mae on August 19, 2009.

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