More from Mystic Sky

And sadly, I have missed the news of the hunt happening there.. where you could have received the Arya gown in Blue (the Arya gown is shown in a previous post as lucky chair gift).

However don’t be sad.. the lucky chair will be able to make you happy !
The Samantha gown in Blue is the actual gift and it is a very delicate work, simple and elegant. The combination of the Royal Blue color and the golden trim makes the texture looks even deeper and rich.
And it really worked wonderful on a skin made by a dear friend of mine, Fly Firefall, owner of **Firefall**.
I already told you about Phoenix Designs and Firefall in previous posts, and both stores are really inventive and full of gorgeous items.
Just like this skin, unreleased yet BUT.. this is going to be a lucky chair prize ! So you might want to check their stores, and join the group to stay updated with the great news!
Also the Deep Impact eyes are soon to be available, and believe me.. the picture might show them gorgeous.. but they are even better in-world !

I shall show you more of Phoenix Designs and Firefall very soon, but for now, I shall head to bed !

Goodnight and take care of you all!

~ by Mae on August 21, 2009.

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