Vial and Candy make people happy

Two great designers, wonderful prizes, breathtaking gowns… All the words that can qualify both Evie’s Closet and Kouse’s Sanctum.
And guess what, both of the wonderful ladies owning these stores are having a hunt !

A few days ago, Kouse sent through her groups (subscribo and SL groups) a message containing great news !
A hunt ! Find the Vial hidden at Vale store and touch it to receive; a 200L voucher and a riddle to solve.

If you solve the riddle, you can get this wonderful version of the Cyrenia gown !

Discover about Evie’s hunt and other news after the jump !
The Allegra gowns from the Allegra hunt, which happened a few weeks ago, are now out for sale !
A new release ! Tatiana is elegant and gracefull, and you shall not let the price stops you for it is only 350L !

Now about Evie’s Closet !
Go at her store and hit the subscribo group to get the info NC, but all you have to do is join the hunt group and find the candies ! Once you have done it, you will receive the Saiyge gown in purple !

So have fun hunting and enjoy !

~ by Mae on August 21, 2009.

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