Introducing the new Tavern wench

And yes, another wonderful new release by Kouse… the Lynet gown.
Lynet is available in 3 different styles: the “classic” elegant gown, and two wench styles.
Lynet is actually one of the very first designs by Kouse’s Sanctum, but it was retired long time ago, and after a nice face-lifting.. it is back in store for our enjoyment !
Shiny velvet textures, delicate lace trimming, it is delicate and elegant. The slim skirt finishes the graceful look.
But the amazing Kouse didn’t stop here. She came with two “Wench” versions of the gown that are simply stunning !
More of Lynet gown after the jump. Read the rest for great informations !
The Wench gown is an adorable dress, with a black corset and the skirt will be the color you have picked ! Or you can buy the fat pack and have all the colors for more options !
The Wench Deux gown is thought the opposite way. This time, it’s the color of the corset that you’ll have to pick, or once again, get the fat pack for more possibilities.

Other stuff you have to pay attention to:
Pic One:
Hair from Elv’an Majika [Pay attention to this name, I’ll have a post soon out about them. Great store for elven items, priced from 0L to 15L… Awesome no ?]
Skin: Hope from Tuli

~ by Mae on August 31, 2009.

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