Love your Mom

Yes it is time to celebrate the love between mothers and daughters ! And what is the best to celebrate anything in SecondLife? A hunt of course !
So I dragged myself into doing another hunt, I kinda had gave up since I organised the Look What the Cat Brought Hunt.. Odd no, how organising your own hunt.. gives you enough headache to develop allergy towards hunts.
Anyway, be prepared for there are some great hunts going on right now all over the grid.
Starting point for Mother/Daughter hunt –> Here
Want more info ? Look Here

And now let me show you the presents !

I do love Evie’s Closet and even though her gift is for Daughters (tiny version of the Jinx dress in Red) you can also wear it as a short dress in your adult size. It has a cute mischievious look that I simply adore.
Papillon’s generously gave for the hunt this elegant violet gown. A tad too poofy on the skirt, but heh… I’m a detail freak. It remains a nice dress for the evenings, and I’m sure many of you will enjoy it.
At Holli Pocket, you’ll grab a nice outfit.. casual style. The texture on the top is really looking great and it makes you regret summer is on its last days !

Want to discover more of the gifts ? Read after the jump


And yet another great looking outfit with Chicatique gift. Indiana Jane would not look any better than you in this ! I’m here modelling the Mother’s version but there is also the Daughter’s one available in the hunt.
Now, remember when you were watching your mom in the bathroom, doing her hair or putting make-up on. You were dreaming of when you would be old enough to do the same right ?
Well Razzberry brings these memories into your SL with those furnitures. A teal bathroom for the mothers and “Funky Vanity” for the little ones.


At Magia you’ll grab a cute summer outfit, it made me feel like I had just left a tea party… or a golf course!
Kissed by Lithium made for the hunt an adorable gown, and there is also a daughter’s version available.
And I think Swank made a good compromise between the two previous styles. The textures and look are very feminine, the pants make it casual and to my mind, it works well all together!


And to finish.. a wonderful set of eyes is given by Clover ! Just look at them, they are a really great piece of work, with those textures giving your eyes depth and sparkle.
For your house, Gumi Flower Shop prepared a nice sanseveria and Sunshine Designs created a very comfortable cushion (I tested it for you !).
And one last outfit, brought to you by KK’s Designs and again, it’s worth hunting it.
I loved the colors, the style, the shirt tied around the waist.. The whole look rocks.

Other stuff:
Black hair styles are from Medley (used to be dolllarbies) – Brown hair: Sprocket by Tiny Bird (Poop Hunt gift – Hunt here)
Skin: Hope Dark Tan Kitten by Tuli
Holding Heart pose by ImpEle


~ by Mae on September 3, 2009.

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