Magical Beings

In certain lands, magic lives. And shall you wander there, you’d not be surprised to meet fauns, dryads, elves and many others.
And for those magical beings, there are talented designers out there in SL. And while visiting them, you will be filled with joys when noticing some of them have set out gifts for you to get.
Just like Wisp Jinn, the great lady of Wishbox.. a store with a perfect name !
The lady is amazing, her talent simply stunning, her outfits wonderful … and she always has a few presents out. Like the Henna Leaf outfit which is actually in the Midnight Mania.
Midnight Mania ? It’s a board, and you only need to touch it to register. Then at midnight, if the goal is reached (Picked by the owner) the gift is delivered to all the participants. Should it get capped, many places have a redelivery board. Simply touch it and if you were registered, and if the goal was reached, it’ll send you the gift again. BUT this only works the day after you tried, for the redelivery board only remember the last list registered.
The prize changes regularly so check it often if you don’t want to miss Wisp’s fabulous gifts. And while you’re there, you can also have a look at the lucky chair, currently offering an adorable flower wreath. Plus at the entrance, you’ll find two presents: an underbust corset and a lovely pair of wings.
Plus .. yes one more plus.. if you join the subscribo group, you’ll receive another flower garland !

But there are other wonderful places to visit… like Deviance, amazing store owned by another artist of SL, Surreal Leshelle.
Her creations are wonderful and go from cuteness to sensuality, but they are always “elegant”.
Of course, some will ask how a silk outfit is elegant. Well, it’s tastefull. Yes it’s silks, but they reveal and hide the curves with intelligence, showing feminity with talent and beauty.
The seductive sorceress outfit is to get in the lucky chair, and it comes with the staff, the headpiece and a shape. The details on the jewels and the belt are awesome, and the shape is great. Not too tall, not too small, lovely curves which won’t give you huge breasts or behind. And of course, it fits the outfit perfectly.
Here as well, there are another presents to get: a cute fae outfit, a pair of wings, a bunny outfit in the chair too.

While you visit those shops, don’t forget to look at the full priced items too. The amount of coins asked for each of them is most reasonnable, and they are beautiful. If you expect great quality and fantasy outfits, you can’t do anything BUT visit them.

Other items:
Henna Leaf picture:
Hair by Magika – Gems in Black [Running with Scissors hunt prize (not free anymore)]
Seductive Sorceress picture:
Hair by Goldie Locks – Gretchen in Black [Lucky Cupcake prize]

~ by Mae on September 17, 2009.

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