Queen of Hearts

LVS Drive reopened but the Queen of Hearts escaped her tale and she’s hiding there. Will you be able to find her … before she finds you ?
LVS and all the vendors of LVS drive have prepared this wonderful hunt for you, with great prizes.

Like for example the gifts by “Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal”, gorgeous gowns with lovely textures.
[From left to right: Unbirthday present – Group gift – Queen of Hearts hunt gift]

See more of the presents and gifts to get after the break ! Keep reading.

And what would be a “Queen of Hearts” Hunt without little doll’s dresses ?
All those ones are presents by LVS.. so cute aren’t they? Note the crowns are to get as well for 1L each.

And last but not the least… Nushru’s presents. Those two dresses are Queen of Heart hunt prizes, and I just loved the way they look and the high collar part. My Highness was so proud in those dresses *grins*

But but but .. this is not all !
The Forest Maiden in Red, and all the 6 colors is the special offer at LVS .. Only 1L ! Isn’t it just perfect for the roleplayers ? I sincerely enjoyed the deep red texture and the corset.
The two other dresses are from First Look, which is the discount store of LVS. Everything is set to 1L in there, and it changes regularly. The Coolnight babydoll dress and Coolkitten in purple are new releases, and simply awesome.

And if you haven’t shopped enough, take a break and get your fishing poles out. There are two 7 seas fishing areas at LVS Drive, one at the bottom of the stairs of First Look, the second one is like a big lake and you’ll have no problem to locate it.
I’m only showing LVS items here, but i heard there is cute jewels from Kawaii too.
Both of those outfits come in a fat pack including ALL colors !

Enjoy !


~ by Mae on September 17, 2009.

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