Equestrienne is back

Yes the amazing Equestrienne outfit of Phoenix Designs and Firefall is back.. and in black.
But, before to show you how stunning it does look, you have to know how generous is Jasfrasa Mayo as she releases the new version.
The previous one, Equestrienne in Brown, is to get for 9L a part of the outfit.
Understand there is a pack of shirts, skirts, and all the pieces that the whole outfit contains are sold seperately, but you can get the wonderful look of the picture for a small 27L.
That means buying the shirts, skirts and jacket (not shown on the first picture) and be lucky enough to grab the boots in the lucky chairs.

Keep on reading to know all about Equestrienne !


So here it is the amazing jacket.. be careful it’s primmy but gorgeous. The armband was a gift in the lucky chair, and I’m not totally sure you can still get it from there, but it’s sold as all the rest.


And here comes the black version. Simply irresistible, I had to get it for Suavana. Black works wonderful on drow skins.
Good news here again… many parts of the outfits are to grab in the lucky chairs, and as if that was not enough, the Midnight Mania board displays the outfit for you as well. So register and bring your friends too in order to reach the target.

To develop a bit the comment about the outfit itself, I would say it’s a perfect roleplay one, for it has several looks available, from the short skirt to the long one, with mix and match options of more or less revealing shirts. The rich and deep brown as well as the classic but stunning black will fit everybody or almost preferences and last but not the least, the prim work is simply breathtaking.
It’s delicate, smooth, tastefull. What else could we ask for ?

Enjoy !


~ by Mae on September 24, 2009.

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