Pieces of You

Oubliette sim, home of amazing designers and stores such like Evie’s Closet, Balderdash, Winx Home & Garden etc, is having a hunt. What you have to do is, join the hunt group for 88L, and buy all of the 12 bags for 1L each.
Believe me, the gifts are worth every single linden!
Keep on reading to see all the prizes !
So Evie is giving in this hunt a special edition of the Aventine gown.. Gothic and witch like with the spiderweb, it is simply stunning and so elegant. But the cuteness award goes to the babydoll version !
The lovely skin I’m wearing is Elf Skin Flower, a lucky board gift from JE*Republic. There is also a “plain” version to get in another board there.
But let’s head back to the hunt itself. Balderdash made a wonderful set of jewels called “Strange as Angels”. The details are incredible, and it fits the Aventine gown so well.
From Winx Home and Garden you will receive this cute board, and you can customize the pictures to put your own!
And last but not the least, Frippery made a funny set of jewels too, you see here the bracelet but there are also the matching earrings to get in the hunt !
ET~Goblins on Parade Bracelet - Hunt Prize

Enjoy hunting !

~ by Mae on October 17, 2009.

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