Paris Metro’s Leather and Sheer

Good evening Readers!

It’s certainly been an overlong time since I posted, and I am endlessly grateful to Rosie and Sua for keeping things going here at Tres Belle.

Paris Metro's Leather and Sheer gown

Right now, I’d like to introduce Paris Metro to you. This lovely little shop is filled with the haut couture, for the most daring of divas who prefer modern flare in their wardrobes. The lady who crafts these outfits, Paris Zsun, has a bright future ahead of her, I’m sure.

This gown is Leather and Sheer. The look is stunning, while utilizing simple prim work to create a bold and unique look – a tricky feat to pull off. Included are top, glitch pants, multiple attachments for the skirt (all need to be worn), the bodice prims that highlight the bust, and the lovely diamond studded belt.

PS: The hair is from Truth, and the skin is from Soul

I found this item on XstreetSL here:

~ by Arwen on November 21, 2009.

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